NINHO espejos / mirrors


Diseñador / Designer: Cristián Mohaded
Año / Year: 2016 
Empresa / Company: Autoproducción

Materiales / Materials: espejo cobreado, metal y nylon
Dimensiones / Dimensions: Variables

NINHO se trata de una serie piezas únicas, caracterizadas con un lenguaje morfológico blando y texturado, son el resultado de la exploración e investigación material. 

NINHO uses as the main material discarded carpet edges; overlapping layers result in volumes that seem to grow around the object containing its perimeter. Once again the designer Cristián Mohaded takes a discarded part of a massive production industry to an object of contemplation that becomes a provocation to the senses achieved from the unconventional use of a material. NINHO is presented as a collection of  mirrors and bowls in different sizes and curved shapes that give place to rounded surfaces generated by the filaments. The material is presented as a rigid coat fur forming defined surfaces and volumes. A natural appearance and color resembles an animal fur dressing the object.